About institute

Our institute is the same age as the Independence. It was founded under the President Order № 203 of the Republic of Uzbekistan by Karimov I.A. from May, 6, 1991 on the basis of faculties of chemical technology and engineering technology of the Tashkent Polytechnical institute. For the last few years for the chemical, oil-and-gas, food, building industries and other branches of a national economy it has been prepared over 10 thousand highly skilled engineers – technologists, on a direction of education over 1000 bachelors and about 30 masters on specialties. Over 40 doctors of sciences and about 138 candidates of sciences work on chairs and in research laboratories . Many graduates of our institute are active in the life of our Republic and occupy high posts in the state structures, at the enterprises of our Republic and in other states of CIS. Now ТCТI is considered to be one of the leading base of higher educational institutions and an education system of Republic. The institute takes a worthy place among other higher institutions on rating parameters in educational, methodical, research work, in spiritual – educational, and other fields of activity.

The history of the Institute is directly connected to the development in Uzbekistan the chemical, oil-and-gas and food industries. In 1934 at chemical faculty of former Central Asian State University, experts for the first time have been prepared: On a specialty « Technology of silicates » – 5 persons On a specialty « Technology of oils » – 7 persons On a specialty « Technology of tanning extracts » – 3 persons. Till 1939 192 engineers – technologists have been prepared. The history of the Tashkent chemical-technological institute began from the declaration of the State Decree about the organization of faculty of chemical technology in 1940. 5 graduates of our institute are academicians of the Academy of sciences of Uzbekistan. If in the beginning of a professional training it was conducted on 3 specialties now there is a preparation on 10 directions of bachelors and on 27 specialties of masters. There are 5 faculties, 26 chairs, 2 scientific – methodical centers, 12 research laboratories, the specialized lyceum at the Institute. There is also scientific – technological park ” Kimyogar” there.


The institute pays the big attention to support and encouragement of the gifted youth. The students having high parameters in study actively participate in republican competition on a rank of the grant-aided student of a name of such great scientists as Beruny, Ulugbek, etc. Branch grants of a name of academician Ahmedov, academician Nabiev, academician Rustamov, Niyazov’s professors, Markman – the scientists, who worked in our Institute.

Graduates of our institute are leading experts in companies ” Uzkimyosanoat”, “Uzdonmahsulot”, “Uzkurilishmateriallari” and in complex with “Shurtangaskimyo”.