Our institute is the same age as the Independence. It was founded under the President Order № 203 of the Republic of Uzbekistan by Karimov I.A. from May, 6, 1991 on the basis of faculties of chemical technology and engineering technology of the Tashkent Polytechnical institute. For the last few years for the chemical, oil-and-gas, food, building industries and other branches of a national economy it has been prepared over 10 thousand highly skilled engineers – technologists, on a direction of education over 1000 bachelors and about 30 masters on specialties. Over 40 doctors of sciences and about 138 candidates of sciences work on chairs and in research laboratories . Many graduates of our institute are active in the life of our Republic and occupy high posts in the state structures, at the enterprises of our Republic and in other states of CIS. Now ТCТI is considered to be one of the leading base of higher educational institutions and an education system of Republic. The institute takes a worthy place among other higher institutions on rating parameters in educational, methodical, research work, in spiritual – educational, and other fields of activity.

The list of education system and specialities.

1. 5111019 Professional education:
1.1. 5111019 Professional education (chemical technology)
1.2. 5111030 Professional education (technology of foodstuff products)
2. 5230200 Management (by kinds of production)
3. 5320300 Technological machineries and equipments(by kinds of production)
3.1. 5320300 Machineries and equipments of chemical industry and construction materials
3.2. 5320300 Machineries and equipments foodstuff industry
3.3. 5320300 Woodworking technology
3.4. 5320300 Technology and equipments of cellulose and paper production
4. 5311000 Automation and managing of technological processes and productions(by kinds of production)
5. 5320400 Chemical technology (by kinds of production)
5.1. 5320400 Chemical technology of inorganic substances (by kinds of production)
5.2. 5320400 Chemical technology of organic substances (by kinds of production)
5.3. 5320400 Chemical technology of high molecular compounds
5.4. 5320400 Chemical technology of rubber
5.5. 5320400 Chemical technology of constructional materials
5.6. 5320400 Chemical materials resistance and corrosion protection
6. 5321300 Technology of oil and oil-gas processing
7. 5320500 Biotechnology (by kinds of production)
8. 5310900 Metrology, standardization and product quality management(by kinds of production)
9. 5321000 Foodstuff technology(by kinds of production)
9.1. 5321000 Technology of foodstuff production and processing (by kinds of products)
9.2. 5321000 Foodsafety
10. 5640100 Vital activity safety
11. 5630100 Ecology and environmental protection(by kinds of products)