Department of internal inspection and monitoring

The Head of a department: Kadirov Ulugbek Ravshanovich

Phone: (8 371) 244-79-23







Boymatov Sardorjon Isomiddin o‘gli

Phone: (+99890) 112-50-53






Umarjonov Qodirjon Qobiljon o‘gli

Phone: (+99894) 664-38-96




The main duties of the department “Internal control and monitoring”

Perform the tasks defined by the National Program for Personnel Training, timely implementation of control and monitoring of the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers relating to the field of education, implementation of regulations and guidelines MHSSE and develop long-term plans. Control over the execution of the decrees, decisions and orders of the President of Uzbekistan, Uzbek laws, regulations and orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan, decisions, orders and modemogramm Commission MViSSO Uzbekistan, internal orders and the University Academic Council. The study of educational excellence of the institute, synthesis and development of recommendations. Development of criteria and methods of rating activities of the faculty, as well as their introduction into life by the staff of the department, together with the temporarily set up a working group. Providing university management audit results, as well as proposals for concrete measures to address the shortcomings and problems identified during the audit follow-up. Providing practical and methodical assistance in the monitoring of educational standards. Organisation data bank provisions of the level of education at the institute and continued his systematization. Oversees impartiality and disinterestedness rating of students’ knowledge assessment system. As necessary, conduct re-examination after the final control in some subjects. Monitor the implementation of all parts of the university (faculties, departments, faculty training, academic lyceums and others.) The requirements of the educational standard and regulations .. In order to improve the training of qualified personnel are monitored for the reception of course projects (works), conduct appraisals for government subjects, defended his master’s thesis research and qualifying works of bachelors, as well as for all kinds of control of theoretical and practical training.Informing implementing policy and regulatory documentation supplied to the at Tashkent Chemical-Technological Institute, ensuring their quality and timely execution. to ensure the monitoring work carried out on the basis of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers № 12 dated January 12, 1999 “On measures to strengthen executive discipline” and Decree number 140 of March 29, 1999 “On approval of regulations for the implementation of executive control over the clerical state and administrative bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Regulation, approved by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan №11-10 of August 28, 2009” Regulations on the organization of work with office administration, monitoring and the state of executive discipline in the ministries, government agencies, institutions, business associations and their structural and regional subdivisions “