Department of Marketing services

qodirovsHead of the Department: Musayev Hasan Pazlitdinovich

Telephone: (8371) 244-79-27






  The department of marketing Services operates under the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law “About Education”, decrees and regulations of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on recruiting qualified personnel in all branches, involved in labor laws practiced in the field of training, submit to the regulatory and legal documents of the institution. Department is subordinate to the rector of the higher educational institution.


Goals and objectives of the Department of Marketing Services:

1.     Study the needs of organizations, educational institutions, government agencies for qualified personnel of the university graduates.

2.     Assist in the development and implementation of market relations in the sphere of education, to form a real “order backlog” of young professionals graduate, undergraduate performance requirements.

3.     Formation of long-term and annual contracts to provide consumers with competitive professionals

4.     In a market economy, improving the competitiveness of the university by providing services contract (money) training

5.     On the basis of contractswith teaching students or to concludevarious contracts with industrial organizations

6.     Organizing Committee for the allocation of university graduates to work and after the last distribution, as well as the results of the distribution of compilation and synthesis of individual registration of the distribution.

7.     Consideration of applications received from young professionals who were assigned to work on the part of the Commission on the distribution, as well as decision-making.

8.     Establishing the relationships with repeat perched on the work of young professionals in the current and past years, to give the necessary advice, as well as a generalization of the results of their work.

9.     Create a bank of information on the implementation plan for admission to the new school year (the plan to receive state grants and fee-contract basis, received applications, the competition, the number of accepted students, the distribution of rates, directions and specialties, languages, education, etc.).

10.  In the new academic year contracts with the students received on the basis of the state grant and the institution of higher education of three years of working out the distribution of after graduation.

11.  The real need for personnel and provide information on the latest distribution of university graduates in the commission organized by the ministries and the Ministry of higher and secondary special educational institutions.

12.    Provide and show all the possibilities for graduates in all areas of undergraduate and graduate majors for the purpose of their participation in higher education institutions of the republic, regional and international exhibitions and fairs.

13.   The distribution and employment in all areas of undergraduate and graduate establish and maintain internal records of the university work of young professionals and to prepare an annual report of the department of marketing services.