Centre of information technologies

Kasimov Bekhzod Alisherovich

Head of CIT Department


1. General Provisions

1.1. The Information Technology Center TKTI (CIT TKTI) is a structural unit of the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology (TKTI).

1.2. The Center was established with the aim of pursuing a unified policy in the field of informatization of the educational process, scientific research and the management system of the TKTI, development, implementation and support of new information and communication technologies (ICT) at the institute.

1.3. CIT TKTI is headed by a director, who reports directly to the vice rector of TKTI who is in charge of CIT. The director of CIT TKTI is appointed and dismissed by order of the Rector TKTI.

1.4. In its activities, CIT TKTI is guided by current legislation, the TKTI Charter and this Regulation.

1.5. Current activities and tasks of CIT TKTI are determined by the TKTI Council on informatization of the educational process

1.6. CIT has a form and a seal with its name.

Composition Information Technology Center:

2. Main tasks

2.1. The main task of the Center is to provide faculties, departments, other departments and services of the TKTI with a technological platform for the informatization of the educational process based on the information network of the TSTI, modern computer multimedia systems. The Center for Information Technologies solves tasks inside institute informatization, including performing research and other works in the field of providing information technologies and educational resources, scientific and administrative activities of the institute, intercollegiate activities in the field of information technologies and resources, international activities in informatization.

3. Basic functions

3.1. Development of mechanisms for the creation and implementation of information technologies in the educational process and other fields of activity of the institute, including the examination of proposals and projects of TKTI units in the field of equipment with software and hardware and the introduction of information technologies.

3.2. Perform work on the creation, implementation and maintenance of information and communication technologies in order to provide information support for the educational process and management of the institute.

3.3. Methodological support and technical support for the use of computer technology in the educational process at the faculties of the TKTI.

3.4. Creation of a technological platform and technical support of the work of faculties and departments for the creation and deployment of electronic educational resources in the network of the TKTI

3.5. Technological and methodological support of corporate information systems, including the general institute distance learning system.

3.6. Creation and development of a single information network of the institute and ensuring its integration into republican and international networks. Development of design solutions for the creation of local and remote computer networks for faculties, departments and services of the TKTI. Organization of network infrastructure development.

3.7. Development and maintenance of software and hardware complexes of information technology centers, organization of access to information stored on them from the internal network of technology technologies and the development and implementation of tools for differentiating access rights to information.

3.8. Ensuring the performance and operation of hardware-software complexes of general computer classes. Organization of paid services for the use of hardware-software complexes of general computer classes

3.9. Ensuring the functioning of the system of issuing plastic personalized documents of students and staff of the TUCTI.

3.10. Methodological support and organization of the system of advanced training for teachers and staff of the Technical and Technological Institute in the field of the use of modern information technologies in the educational process and management activities.

3.11. Designing (together with interested departments and services), development and development of an automated information system TKTI, including the development of software for maintaining the Internet and Intranet TKTI sites.

3.12. Development of multimedia presentations, prototyping and short-run printing of presentation materials.

3.13. Organization of the work of the institute-wide copying and copying equipment, the performance of copying works.

3.14. Creation of production and repair base of computer equipment, network communications and communication equipment, organization of production and repair of computer equipment. Development of methods for analyzing and testing the operation of computer systems and networks.

3.15. Operational coordination of work performed by the Center for Information Resources and Communications and the Center for Intelligent Computer Systems in the interests of informatization of the educational process and other activities of the TKTI, as well as work involving interaction with the information and telecommunication system of TKTI.

The server installed in the information technology center serves all computers on the network. The institute’s network is designed as a large corporate network with its proxy, dns, http servers. The local network of the Institute provides an opportunity to work with a group on one project, send instant messages to other members of the group. All LAN computers have access to the World Wide Web. The institute's server runs on the latest Mandrake Linux 10.1 operating system and software, providing unlimited network management and administration capabilities. Also many other services are configured.