Dean of faculty

Abdullayev Alisher Shonazarovich


Reception day: Every day 14:00-16:00

Tel number: 71 244-19-72


 This faculty in structure TCTI in the beginning referred to “Technology of production of organic substances” the faculty .At faculty on the basis of local and utilized raw material scientific schools which conduct researches on the following directions have been created: – Organic chemistry; – Technology of cellulose and woodworking; – Synthesis of chemically active polymers; – Studying of properties of natural polymers; – Processing of plastic; – Technology of the basic (heavy) organic synthesisThe following chairs operate at the faculty:


 1arrow «Technology of High-molecular compounds and plastic materials»

1arrow «Organic chemistry and technology of the basic organic synthesis»

1arrow «Chemical technology of oil refining and gas»

1arrow «Technology of cellulose and woodworking»


The faculty trains bachelors on 3 directions (6 kinds of manufacture) and masters on 8 specialties. Graduates of this faculty bachelors and masters work in HOOK “UzHimProm”, national ХК “UzNefteGaz” and at other related industrial enterprises of our republic. Research laboratories such as «Natural and artificial polymers » and “Polymers” in structure of the faculty perform fruitful work.

Directions of formation (education)

By kinds of manufacture

Specialities of a magistracy

arrow 5522400 – Chemical technology (by kinds of manufacture) 1. Chemical technology of high-molecular connections of plastic and elastomers.2. Technology of the basic organic synthesis 1. 5А522425 Chemical technology of high-molecular connections.2. 5А522427 Technology of processing elastomers and plastic.3. 5А522403 Chemical technology of products of heavy organic synthesis.
arrow 5522500 – Chemical technology of oil refining and gas. 1. Chemical technology of oil refining and gas2. Chemical processing of lubricants and special liquids. 1. 5А522504 Chemical technology of oil refining and gas.2. 5А522503 Clearing of mineral oil and their recupe-ration.3. 5А22505 Ecology of the enterprises of oil refining and gas
arrow 522600 – Wood working industry and technology of processing





1. Wood – process industry and its processes.2. The paper-cellulose industry and the equipment. 1. 5А522601 Processes of the paper-cellulose productions technology.2. 5А522604 the Wood working wood wor