Personnel department

The staff of Personnel department


Head of Personnel department

Akhmedova Gulbahor Abduvakhidovna

Higher education

Date of appointment: 12/05/2017

Office telephone: / 71 / 244-79-31



1-category personnel engineer

Hushvaktova Dilfuza Bakhodirovna

Higher education

Date of appointment: 04/01/2017

Office telephone: / 71 / 244-79-31


1-category personnel engineer

Tursunkhodjaeva Malika Anvarovna

Higher education

Date of appointment: 04/01/2017

Office telephone: / 71 / 244-79-31


Personnel Inspector

Rakhimova Feruza Azatovna

Office telephone: / 71 / 244-79-31




The personnel department operates in accordance with the Laws of  the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees and Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the Supreme Council, the Labor Code, the National Program for Personnel Training, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as orders of  the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education  and the working plan of  the department with personnel, annually approved by the Rector of the Institute.


The personnel department of the institute performs the following duties:

• together with the administration of the institute and the heads of the departments, selects and employment highly qualified, intellectually developed personnel that meet all modern training requirements prescribed in the “National Program of Personnel Training”, having scientific achievements, creative and scientific potential;

• makes up documents on the basis of an employment contract for  the recruitment of professors and teachers, educational support and administrative personnel;

• fills, stores employment records, makes up the relevant documents for personnel;

• makes a vacation schedule and monitors its implementation;

• makes up and registers medical certificate;

• keeps records of employee incentives and bonuses;

• prepares documents on the appointment of pensions to employees;

• forms and constantly updates the database of information about the employees of the institute;

• accepts, leads and keeps the personal files of students of the institute by forms of education;

• registers and checks orders for students (admission, transfer to another institution of higher education, restoration, expulsion, encouragement, etc.)

• in accordance with the established procedure, makes up and submits  to the archives the personal files of graduates and expelled students;

• prepares, registers and issues diplomas to graduates;

• provides monthly information about vacancies in the district employment department.



Responsibilities of the head of personnel department:

The head of the personnel department conducts its activities directly under the leadership of the Rector of the Institute.

The following duties are assigned to the head of the personnel department:

  • together with the heads of departments of the institute, it selects educational, auxiliary, industrial, administrative and managerial personnel, as well as service personnel in accordance with their specialty and qualifications, makes them  up to work in the prescribed manner for the relevant positions, regularly updates  the list of reserve personnel in accordance with professional and organizational skills necessary for managerial positions with experience and seniority, management knowledge and skills within their activities and authorities in the education system;
  • employ, transfers to another position, dissolve the employment  agreement  within the legislation, as well as keep in time appropriate records in a workbook of employee;

employs, transfers to another position, terminates an employment contract within the framework of the law, and also makes appropriate entries in the employee's workbook in a timely manner;

- controls the timely implementation of the labor duties of employees and the activities of the personnel department;

- makes up the working plans of the department and ensures their implementation;

- organizes filling out forms, drawn up employment contracts with employees;

- prepares and makes up draft orders for students and staff in the appropriate order;

- makes control on the preparation and making  up the characteristics, references, and the forms of employees;

- makes control over the observance of the internal labor regulations and labor discipline of the institute staff;

- keeps records of employee time sheets, makes up a schedule of annual labor vacations and monitors their implementation;

- timely orders to district employment centers workbooks for employees who have hired, controls the filling of workbooks, ensures their storage in accordance with state standards, and also keeps a record of the acceptance and expenditure of workbooks;

- maintains personnel records;

- ensures timely execution of modems, orders and normative documents of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education in accordance with the required forms;

- in accordance with the established order, ensures timely submission to the e-mail address of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education personal information about the teaching staff and personnel of the institute;

- annually in a timely submits the reports of 4-education and report 1-T  to the State Statistical Committee VO (3-NK),;

- makes orders for the making of diplomas and enclosure for diplomas for graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs of the institute, receives, stores in the prescribed manner, fills and prepares them, issues graduates in a timely manner, prepares and makes reports on enclosure of diploma;

- makes up, issues and maintains academic records.

Official duties of the engineer for personnel of 1-category:

• provides to keep of all documents of the department;

• makes up and file orders;

• prepares extracts from orders;

• at the end of the year files documents for storage;

• ensures registration of incoming and outgoing documents, as well as various requests;

• prepares a department report;

• carries out orders of the head of the department;

• prepares analytical reports on personnel and in the prescribed manner submits them to the appropriate authorities;

• prepares information on vacancies included in the nomenclature of the institute, as well as information on the staff of the higher educational institution;

• prepares information about employees conducting activities at the institute and prepares documents for awarding them with state awards and diplomas of the Ministry and the Institute;

• regularly compiles a list of candidates to be sent to the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, monitors senior specialists who have graduated from the Academy and leading activities at the institute;

• keeps records and keeps personal files of the institute's nomenclature employees, makes the necessary changes in them, keeps records of employees' working records, ensures the issuance of personnel orders, medical certificate, certificates of employment, as well as documents related to the execution of pensions;

• registers and checks orders for students (admission, transfer, restoration, dismissal, encouragement, etc.);

• prepares and executes orders for personnel and students in the appropriate order.

Official duties of the inspector:

• provides maintenance of all documents of the department;

• makes up orders and files them in folders;

• prepares extracts from orders;

• at the end of the year files documents for storage;

• registers incoming and outgoing letters, as well as various requests;

• prepares a department report;

• performs orders of the head of department.