Department of Physical Education and Sport

Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport, Senior Lecturer Ergashev Yakho Nematzhonovich

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Direction of education: Vocational training (in areas)                      5111000

Field of Education: Management (by sector and industry)                5230200

Manufacturing technical sector                                                          300,000

Engineering Business                                                                        300,000

Area of education: Technological machines and

equipment (by branches)                                                                  5320300

Area of education: Chemical technology (by product type)            5320300

Field of Education: Biotechnology (by branches)                           5320500

Area of education: Food technologies (by product type)                5321000

Area of education: Technology of refining oil and oil and gas.     5321300

Direction of study: Metrology, standardization and

Management product quality (by industry)                                    5310900

Environmental Protection                                                               630,000

Field of Education: Ecology and environmental

protection (by industry)                                                                 5630100

The department "Physical Culture and Sport" was founded in 1991. From the first days, the main goal and purpose of the department is to provide students with quality education and education of physically healthy and spiritually trained personnel based on advanced international educational technologies.

History of the department. The department "Physical Culture and Sport" was founded in 1991 by order of the Rector of the Institute. The department "Physical Culture and Sport" employs dozens of senior teachers, assistant professors, one PhD and associate professors.

Senior Lecturer Yu.V. Bakshutov K.Sh.Sh Mukhammadzyanov, Artikov Kh., Head of the Department Almakayeva N.Tolipova worked at the department. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences R.M. Almakaeva was the head of the department.

In the period from 2005 to 2015, several teachers, including M. Mirzakhmedov, U. Alimov, Ya. Abdullaev, who graduated from the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, completed their work for various reasons.

Senior teacher Ya.N. Ergashev was the head of the department of physical culture and sports, served as interim manager,

In 2016, the management of the institute appointed him head of the department, and he still heads the department.

In recent years, a number of practical work has been carried out to increase the scientific potential of the Department of Physical Culture and Sport. For example:

- Attracting to the department of "Physical culture and sport" young professionals working in the field of scientific research;

- attracting existing staff to research;

- to provide scientific and pedagogical activity and teaching staff for the senior teacher and assistant professor, to create conditions for the faculty of the department.

Today, the senior teacher Ya.N. Ergashev, A.M Omarova, assistant professor L.N. Halmatov, I.A Makhkamov, K.H Meliev work.


To date, professors and teachers of the department "Physical Culture and Sport" have published dozens of scientific articles on physical education, scientific conferences and theses in scientific collections, monographs, scientific and methodological manuals, physical education lessons. and develops conclusions and developments in the field of research, research and development, as well as recommendations for providing them with higher educational institutions for use in the educational process in order to improve the quality of training of highly qualified personnel.


Currently, the teacher of the department "Physical Culture and Sport" L.N. Khalmatov conducts research to determine his doctoral dissertation on the topic "Theory and practice of development of environmental education in the process of physical education." (13.00.01)


In the educational process of the department there are 2 senior teachers and 3 assistant teachers. At the department, 5 faculties of the institute conduct trainings for 1000 students for one academic year for 1 course.

In 2017-2019, the department developed state standards and qualification requirements for the GOS standard program. The teaching staff of the department has developed advanced educational and methodical complexes for physical education, on the basis of which effective classes are organized. In recent years, teachers of the department have published 2 textbooks, 8 lecture texts, more than 10 guidelines, exemplary scientific programs in physical education, more than 50 scientific and methodological articles, published.

In order to ensure consistent implementation of the National Personnel Training Program, increase the effectiveness of training, enhance the integration process between types of education and ensure continuity and continuity between them, and cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Secondary Special Education, the Center of Secondary Special Education, the Institute of Professional Development and Retraining.

The department organized a department of talented students, consisting of all the students of the department, which brought together 14 students. In addition to preparing for them, various sporting events include:

- internal competition of the Institute;

- in city competitions organized by interuniversity;

- Universiade of sports competitions at the republican level;

- at the republican championships;

- at the international world championships;

- in spiritual and educational activities,

- actively participate in mass sports competitions.

In recent years, 3 professors and teachers of the department have undergone refresher and retraining courses and improved their professional skills in new teaching and information technologies.

subjects taught

Undergraduate Subjects

  1. Physical culture


Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University. Nizami, the department "Theory and methods of physical education" of the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Culture, the highest and secondary special profession - established relationships with the Department of State Educational Standards and publishing and publishing educational literature at the Center for Educational Development.




The composition of the department "Physical Culture and Sport".

1. Ya.N. Ergashev Head of Department, Senior Lecturer (1.0)

2. A.M.Omarova Senior teacher (1.0)

3.L.N. Halmatov Assistant Teacher (1.0)

4.I.A.Makhkamov Assistant Teacher (1.0)

5.K.H.Meliev Assistant Teacher (1.0)

6.N.N.Giyosova Head of the room (1.0)