Head of the department Ruziboev Akbarali Tursunboevich, c.t.s., docent

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The department has three areas: technology of fat and oil, technology of grain and grain products, technology of sugar and fermentation industries. These directions was previously independent and has its own history of development. In 2005, the department "Technology of grain and grain products" is connected to the department "Technology of fat and oil," and was renamed the department "Technology of oilseed and grain products". In 2011, joined the department of "Technology of sugar and fermentation industries," and was renamed the department of "Technology of food products". In 2018, the direction "Technology of sugar and fermentation productions" is separated from the department and transformed into a department of faculty.

Now in the department work 4 professors, 12 dosents, 2 sen. teach., 10 scientific employees, researchers and laboratory assistants.



The story of direction "Technology of fat and oils "


In 1940, with recommendations prof. M.E. Elgort created the department "Technology of the fat and organic chemistry" in the presence of Central Asia State University. It is administered in the Department of the Central Asian Industrial Institute.

In 1946, the Department divided the independent chair "Organic Chemistry" and "Technology of the fat." This year, the head of department was prof. M.I. Niyazov. First teachers of department were B.T. Zambarniy, D.T. Kats, Z.U. Usmanova and A.S. Magdamov. In 1953-1962 years the head of the department was prof. A.I. Glushenkova who is academician of UzAS and in 1962-1989 years was prof. A. Abdurahimov. Since 1989 year department was managed by prof. Y.K. Kadirov, in 1993-1995 years by dots. P.I. Ilhamdjanov and in 2010-2016 years by dos. K.P. Serkayev. Since 2016 department is managed by dos. U.K. Abdullayev.

Prof. R.Mirzakarimov, dos. A. Inagamov, dos M. Tursunov, dos. Z.H Kadirova, dos. T. Abdullayev, prof. T. Mirhalikov, prof. M. Rahimdjanov, M. Ergashev, Sh. Sharafuddinov, dos. V. Salidjanova and prof. A. Ilyasov are worked in the department in various years.

The Department is preparing a bachelor's degree in food technology (technology of fat and oil) and master's degrees in the specialty "Technology of processing of fats" and "Technology of production of vegetable oils."

In 1980 in the presence of department of "Technology of fats," created a research laboratory "Gossypol". The organizer was his prof. R.M. Mirzakarimov and he directed the laboratory until 1990. In 1990-2006 years laboratory is managed by prof. A.T. Ilyasov, 2006-2016 years by K.P. Serkaev and since 2016 by A.T. Ruzibayev.

Since the organization department released about 3,000 specialists in technology of oil and fat. Graduates of the department work in the cities of the republics of Central Asia, in factories, design institutes, scientific - the heads of ministries, the holding company, departments, offices, associations, directors and chief engineers of enterprises, heads of laboratories. Including to them academicians Z.S.Salimov, N.R.Yusupbekov, A.I.Glushenkova, M.F.Abidova etc.

In the department prepared the six PhD(doctor) and over 30 PhD(candidate) and created more than 100 inventions and sealed more than 3000 article.


History of the direction “Technology of grain and cereal products”

In 1975, at the invitation of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan-the Ministry of higher and secondary special education issued an order for the gathering of students at Tashkent Polytechnic Institute at chemical technological faculty in “Technology of storage and processing of grain”.

For the teaching of specialty were the leading specialists of the Billets. The Department was formed in 1978, the head of the Department was appointed candidate of Sciences (Economics), head of the technical Office of the Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan Tursunxodjayev P. M. To improve the educational process and equipment of the Department were drafted the Treaty for internships with businesses, equipped with modern equipment and technology. equipment of other teaching aids and literature produced by the patronage of the Odessa and Moscow Institute of food industry.

In 2005, in connection with the reunification of the two chairs «Technology of fats and oils" and "Technology of storage and processing of grain” was chair of “Technology of fats, oils and grains" where, head of the Department was appointed, Professor Kadyrov, Y.K.

In 1995-1996, the Department head, Professor M. Rahimdjanov and 1996-2004, PhD. N.K. Ayhodjaeva.


Professors and lecturers of the Department with preparation of a qualified engineer-technology will also make great scientific work.

"Technology of fat and oils " direction

A study on hydrogenation of cotton, soybean and rapeseed oils, detoxification of gossypol are in cotton processing, technology of cotton oil cleaning introduced on production in Tashkent oil-fat factory and extraction factories Karshi and Kasan.

The main scientific directions of the Department:

1. Study of the production and processing of oils from seeds of an in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

2. Research the process of cleaning and hydrogenation of vegetable oils.

3. Improve the scientific basis of the integrated processing of cotton and the effective use of its waste.

4. Improvement of the technology of efficient and complete processing of nontraditional oilseeds.


“Technology of grain and cereal products” direction

The scientific potential of the “Technology of grain and cereal products" is a scholarly work on the following topics.

1. Improvement of technologies for the production of fodder using non-traditional materials. 

2. Research of influence of humidity of the local grain and processes hardware settings.  

3. Development of technology of manufacture of Bread-bakery products functionality. 

4. Decontamination of local varieties of wheat ultraviolet radiation. 

5. The development of effective ways of preparation of grain of wheat to the long pomolu.