Department of "Philosophy and the basis of spirituality"

Chief of the department "Philosophy and the basis of spirituality"
candidate of political sciences, associate professor Sirojev Oybek  Ochilovich
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The department "Philosophy and the basis of spirituality" was established in 1991. From the very beginning the department has set itself the main goal and task of educating and educating students on the basis of advanced world technology and forming from them spiritually rich national cadres.

History of the department. In connection with the formation of the Tashkent Chemical and Technological Institute, the departments "Political Science and Economics", "History and Philosophy" were formed. Heads of the departments were appointed: at the department "Political Science and Economics" Professor S.O.Otamuratov, at the chair "History and Philosophy" Associate Professor H.Nasrullayev.

In March 1993, these departments were merged and the Department of Socio-Political Sciences was created. As the head of this department, Professor S.O.Otamuratov was appointed. In connection with the increase in the number of students in the 1996-1997 academic year, the department "History of Uzbekistan and Culturology" was assigned from this department and the head of the department, Associate Professor E.Kosimov was appointed. In the 2000-2001 academic year, on the basis of these two departments, the "Foundations of Spirituality" department was established. In the academic year 2004-2005 the departments "Socio-political sciences" and "Fundamentals of spirituality" were merged and formed the chair "Philosophy and the basis of spirituality", which is still working in the institute. Before 2011, the department was headed by Professor S.O.Otamuratov, and from 2011 to the present time the department is headed by associate professor O.O.Sirojev.

Since the establishment of the department, the following qualified professors, associate professors, teachers and staff have worked there:
Professors: S.O.Otamuratov, Kh.A.Alikulov, A.K.Kodirov, F.Sh.Sharipov, S.Mamashokirov, R.S.Samarov, V.Khuchkarov.

Associate professors: A.P.Sherkhonov, E.Kh.Kosimov, S.Hasanov, R.Kh.Omonboyeva, Т.T.Alimardonov, A.P.Gorenkova, E.Kh.Rasulov, O.Sirojev, X.O.Yorkulov, D.I.Ismatullaeva.
Senior teachers: G.Sh.Bikkulov, M.Korieva, N.N.Khaydarova, S.Kh.Halikova, R.U.Mamatkulov, D.S.Mirzhavharova, G.S.Siddikova, A.B.Kilichev, A.F.Sultanov.

Teachers: O. Abrorova, M.Yu.Alikulov, E.K.Ahmedov.
Employees of the department: O.T.Khamraeva, D.M.Mirzaakhmedov, G.Khamdamov, Sh.Nishonboev, S.U.Yarashev and others.

At the present time the following professors work at the department: S.O.Otamuratov, A.K.Kodirov, V.Kuchkarov, associate professors - O.O.Sirozhev, H.O.Yorkulov, E.Kh.Rasulov, senior lecturers - R.U.Mamatkulov, D.S.Mirzhavkharova, A.Kilichev, A.Sultanov, teachers - E.K.Ahmedov, A.M. Avlakulov, S.B.Mirzayeva, employees of the department - M.R.Boriyev, N.M.Makhkamov.

The following subjects are taught at the department: Philosophy (logic, ethics, aesthetics), Bases of spirituality and religious studies, culturology, National idea: basic concepts and principles, National idea: strategy of social and economic development, religious studies.

Since 1994, the department has opened a postgraduate course in the field of political philosophy - 09.00.10. During this time, postgraduate studies were completed by Kh.S. Jumaniyazova, N.Sh.Berdialieva, O.Sirojev, H.O.Yorkulov, R.U.Mamatkulov, D.S.Mirjavkharova, G.Sh.Siddikova, G. A.Alimov.

Currently, the department is engaged in scientific work on 8 doctoral dissertations.

Research work
The development of the scientific potential of the department is always an important task of the chair's management. In particular, under the leadership of Professor S.O.Otamuratov, research is being conducted on such a broad subject as "Socio-political and spiritual problems of national and spiritual development". Over the years, 4 doctoral dissertations have been prepared and successfully defended. In particular, in 1996, H.Uzokov successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic "History of the struggle for independence of Uzbekistan" (1900-1940) and received a doctorate in historical sciences,In 2000, J. Bakhramov successfully advised S.Otamuratov on his doctoral thesis on "Problems of national identity of a person in conditions of independence" and received a doctorate in political science,In 2005, R. Samarov, at the consultation of S.O.Otamuratov, successfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Feminization in the Armed Forces: Developmental Features and Social Mechanism "(on the example of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan) and received a Doctor of Philosophy, T. Alimardonov presented his doctoral thesis on "The problem of correlation of politics and morality" for consideration in a specialized scientific council. From 1994 to 2013, the department organized postgraduate study in the field of political philosophy - 09.00.10. During this time, 8 young specialists were trained in graduate school. Among them, H. Jumaniyazov on "Independence and the problems of the formation of spiritual and ideological potential in national development, N.Berdialiyev "-" The policy of restoration and development of national spirituality in the conditions of independence of the state ", O.Sirojev" The activity of Uzbekistan in resolving regional problems ", H.Yorkulov - "Problems of formation and development of intellectual potential in the state policy of the transition period" successfully defended the thesis and received the degree of candidate of political science.

The department has published more than 350 monographs, educational and teaching aids, scientific articles, texts of lectures on readable subjects, theses of speeches at conferences and seminars. Professor S.O.Otamuradov participated in more than 3 international and 10 republican conferences with his reports, he is a regular participant of seminars conducted by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of Uzbekistan for heads of chairs and teachers of humanitarian departments, where he speaks with his reports. Teachers of the department are the initiators and participants of the theoretical seminars held at the Institute for gifted students in the humanities.

Educational-methodical work
In the teaching and methodological work the department, in particular, pays special attention to the development of working programs, textbooks, teaching and educational tools, texts of lectures on readable disciplines and special courses, and training and control tests. At the present time, more than 10 textbooks, 30 teaching aids, and 200 methodological developments have been developed and published by the members of the department.In recent years, six teachers of the department have been upgraded and retrained, the department constantly raises its level of using information technologies and the quality of using modern pedagogical technologies.




Disciplines taught at the undergraduate.
1. Philosophy.
2. Fundamentals of spirituality and religious studies.
3. Culturology.
4. National idea: basic concepts and principles.
5. Religious studies.
Disciplines taught at the magistracy.
1. National idea: the strategy of social and economic development.
Scientific and external relations of the department.
The chair established permanent cooperation with the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State University of World Languages ​​of Uzbekistan, the Samarkand State University named after A.Ya. A. Navoi, Tashkent Institute of Light Industry and Textiles.