Educational-methodological department

The head of the educational-methodological department

Khabibullaev Rashid

phone: 71 244-79-34




The main responsibilities of the training department of the Tashkent Chemical technological institute are to organize learning process, to work on state education standard, teaching plans, learning programs and other main documents, to do the graphies of learning, learning plans, to manage the organizing of time-table of the lessons, to check the learning process, to work on the yearly report of the institution, to add the reating system and new pedagogical technologies to the learning process, to organize the State attestation and qualification practices, to summarize the marks of the students at the end of the semesters, to check the usage of rooms of the institution and the attendance of the students.

The work plans of training department are:

  1. to        do the graphies of learning process (March-April);
  2. to       do the learning plans of specialities (March-April);
  3. to       plan the learning process of new academic year (April-August);
  4. to       organize learning process and check it (During academic year);
  5. to       do the monitoring of the number of the students (During academic year);
  6. to       do the qualitification practices and check it (During academic year);
  7. to       check the helding up the State attestation (December-January, May, June)

Information about the innovations of the Department.
State educational standards have been created and approved in all educational areas of the bachelor's degree and the specializations of the magistracy studied at the institute; Typical training programs were approved in accordance with the established procedure. Approved regulatory documents have electronic copies and they are provided with standard universities.

According to the requirements of the Ministry, educational and methodological complexes are created on the basic subjects, which are the basic for the educational directions of the bachelor's degree and the specialties of the magistracy.
In order to thoroughly prepare for the certification conducted by the State Test Center, test tests are conducted in all subjects to improve residual knowledge.
Conducting seminars in Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology together with typical universities on the subject "Priority directions of electronic educational and methodical complexes and modernization of education" is planned for the end of May. This will be given the modem of the MVSSO.
The teaching and methodological department conducts close creative work on educational and methodological work with the following universities: UzNU, TSTU, TITLP, FerPI, SamGU, UrGU, KSU, GIZPI, TASHFARMI, TADI, TAKI, CKDU, TIMI, AndMiI, BuchMTI, NavDKI , KarshimiI, NamMTI, and others.