Department of quality control of education


Head of Department

Turaev Tolib Bozorovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


Mobile phone: + 99890-993-92-82

Official telephone: +99871-244-35-72


Chief Specialist

Khaidarov Khairullo G`ulomovich


Mobile phone:+99894-415-89-13

Official telephone: +99871-244-35-72


Chief Specialist

Tuxtamushova Anisakhon Ubayevna


Mobile phone:+99894-945-63-21

Official telephone: +99871-244-35-72


Department of quality control of education within Tashkent Institute of Chemistry and Technology was established in accordance with Resolution No. 515 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, dated July 18, 2017 " About the organization of activities of the State inspectorate for supervision of quality of education under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan" and is the directly part of the structure of a higher educational institution.

The main objective of the Department is to study the compliance of TCTI students' knowledge with state educational standards, analyze, monitor the quality of personnel training, organize the internal attestation at the TCTI, and on its results, to identify the negative factors affecting the quality of education, as well as the adoption of measures to prevent and precaution them.

Department conducts its activities on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Education Law; National Program of Personnel Training; Decisions of the Houses of the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Resolutions, Decrees and Orders of the Rector of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Decrees and Orders of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Orders and legal instructions of State Inspectorate and the Rector of TCTI, as well as on the basis of the Department’ Charter.

The department has the following rights:

  • Receive the necessary information and materials from the structural divisions of the TCTI, to perform the functions and tasks assigned to the department;

  • Study the quality of training of students, participants and trainees in accordance with the established procedure, the correspondence of working curricula and work programs by types of education to the State educational standard, state requirements, qualification requirements and curriculum, as well as standard curricula of academic disciplines;

  • Participate in the drawing of an action plan for the elimination of identified shortcomings in the process of attestation at the TCTI and monitoring its timely execution;

  • Make proposals to the management for taking appropriate measures against the responsible persons in case of failure to ensure the implementation of orders, instructions and other decisions concerning the quality of education in TCTI;

  • Regularly organize social surveys among students, parents, professors and teachers, as well as consumers in order to study the social environment in the institute, the quality of personnel training and the quality of education;

  • Take part in international conferences, symposiums, seminars and trainings on the problems of the quality of education and personnel training;

  • In due order, elect and be elected to the Council of the higher educational institution;

  • Exercise other rights established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


The department has the following obligations:

  • Conscientiously perform position duties and does not spoil its reputation;

  • Bear responsibility for the reliability of the information provided to the State Inspectorate, as well as for the quality of the preparation of the curricula and work programs for the disciplines, and, in the established manner, control the objectivity of the final certification and the graduate rating scores of graduating students.

In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 12 dated January 12, 1999 "On Measures to Strengthen the Executive Discipline", the Department observes executive, training and labor discipline, job safety rules, labour safety and industrial sanitation, the Charter of TCTI, Internal Regulations, and Rules of Conduct.

Candidates for the position of the chief of department and chief specialist are appointed by the order of the Rector of TCTI, on the basis of the recommendation of the head of the State Inspectorate and are released from the office with the permission of the State Inspectorate.

In the conduct of its activities, the department is subordinate to the State Inspectorate and the Rector of TCTI.