Department “Management of production’s quality”

Head of the department: Алимбоев Собит Ахматович

Reception days: Every day till 1400-1700

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 The department "Quality management of products" was organized on June 30, 2009 at the Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute, it prepares personnel for the educational field 5524300 - "Quality management of products."

Since 2011 the educational direction 5524300 - "Quality management of products" has been improved and the preparation of bachelor students in the direction 5310900 - "Metrology, standardization and quality management of products"has started.

On the occasion of the appointment on January 4, 2013, Prof. Khamrakulov G.Kh. to the post of dean of the faculty "Management and Education and training" Dots. Akhunzhanov K.A was appointed as the head of the department "Quality management of products". In 2017 September 4 Dots. S.A. Alimbayev was appointed as the head of the department.

Nowadays, such highly qualified teachers and professors like Dr. of Technical Scs. prof. Ismatullaev P.R., Doctor of chemical sciences. prof. Khamrakulov G.Kh., doctor of technical sciences. Rahimov D.A., Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Khakimov O.Sh., Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. Sarimsokov A.A., Dr.Sci.Muminov N.Sh., Ph.D., Assoc. Axundjanov K.A., Ph.D., Assoc. Akbarharzhaev ZA, Ph.D., Assoc. Khasanova D.Yu., Ph.D., Assoc. Yunusov F., Ph.D., Assoc. Turaev SH., Ph.D., Assoc. Parpiev M., Senior teacher Murodov Zh, Senior teacher Ismoilov B., Senior teacher Saidov S., Ass. Nosirov A, Pulatov M, Rasulov R., Annamurodov S, Samatov A, Kambarbekova R., Abdurakhmonov O., Razhabov A, Senior researchers-applicants: Islomova S.T., and Khamrakulov M, etc.

The department "Quality management of products" is a specialized department and here the students receive a basic education in the supporting and educational field 5310900 - Metrology and standardization and quality management of products (chemical and nutritional) students of bachelors and masters also receive a basic education the in support 5A310901 - "Certification and safety of products "(chemical and food), as well as profile profile 5A310902-" Metrology, standardization and quality management "(by industry).


Educational and methodical works

At the department qualification requirements for educational directions 5310900 - "Metrology, standardization and quality management of products" and 5A310901 "Certification and product safety" were created.

On the above mentioned directions, the professors and teachers of the department developed typical programs, educational and methodological complexes on all sciences are created.  In recent years, 5 textbooks  and more than 25 educational methodological manuals have been written by professors and teachers of the department.

Currently, more than 200 students in the direction 5310900 - "Metrology, standardization and quality management of products." are educated . Our graduates are hired as quality managers to various enterprises and certification agencies of our Republic.


Scientific directions

Priority directions of scientific research activity.

The professors and teachers of the department conduct research work in the following specialties of the chemical and food industry. 02. 00.09, "Classification and certification of goods in terms of chemical composition" and 05.02.04 "Standardization and quality management of products."

Currently, the department conducts its research work on the specialty 02.00.09- "Classification and certification of goods on the basis of chemical composition", two doctoral students - Islamova S. and Khamrakulov MG, as well as Abduganiev B., Hakimova.F., Sattorova B. And Imomova M. as free competitioners.

Nowadays, a contract has been drawn up on implementing the Quality Management of Products with the enterprises and organizations of the chemical and food industries,

The department prepared drafts of international, republican, practical, theoretical, as well as innovative grants for the introduction of a system of safety and quality products, as well as ways to control product safety in the chemical and food industries.

Work with gifted students

Gifted students – bachelors of 1-4 courses masters 1-2 courses are members of the circle "Quality management", scientific themes are given and supervisors  are appointed to this students. They conduct their research work under the guidance of leading professors and teachers in the laboratories of the department, as well as in the agencies "Uzstandard", scientific research institute of Metrology, standardization, scientific research institute of the Academy of Sciences R.Uz. According to the results of research work, they participate in scientific conferences and publish articles in collections.

The gifted students of our department got the Presidential scholarship, the Beruni scholarship, as well as other nominal scholarships.


Elmuradova Dilrabo - scholarship scholarship of the President of 2012

Rajabov Alisher - scholarship scholarship named after "Beruni" in 2014.

Kiyomov Yusuf-scholarship scholarship named after Beruni 2015.

Komilova Zulfizar - scholarship scholarship named after Beruni 2016

In addition, our student take an active part in various  competitions and are awarded .   

Participation of the gifted students at competitions held at the Institute and among other higher educational institutions of the Republic.

N.F students


gifted students


Elmuradova Dilrabo

M3-13 MSM

Quality Management of products  prizewinner of the scientific and technical conference "Umidli Kimyoglar" (1 place) -2015.


Samadov Shakhzod

45-13 MSM

Winner of the competition "Kamolot Scholarship" - 2016g


Daminkhanova Zaynab Sunnat qizi

47-13 MSMr

ITUC. Prizewinner of the scientific and technical conference "Umidli Kymyoglar" (1 place) - 2016


Khusanov Sardor

47-13 MSMr

Winner of the regional stage of the competition of scientific reports held among students under the motto "Ertangi kun bizniki, marra bizniki" report on the humanitarian direction (2nd place) 2016


G’ulomov Shuxrat

47-14 MSMr

Winner of the regional stage of the competition of scientific reports held among students under the motto "Ertangi kun bizniks, marra bizniki".


Shuvalov Nikita

47-14 MSMr

Winner of the "Republican Olympics-2015 tour of the subject" Uzbek Tili "(2nd place)


External scientific and practical relations of the department

The relations with the agency "Uzstandard", the central laboratory of the State Customs Committee, the research institute "Chemistry and physics of polymers" of the RUz, the National University of Uzbekistan, the Uzkimyosanoat, the TGUE, the VVTU, the "Fan va tarakkiyot" State Unitary Enterprise, the Research Institute of Standard Metrology and certification, some higher educational institutions of foreign countries, as well as the Moscow State University named after V.M. Lomonosov, the University of Bayrot Germany, etc are established.




1. Alimboev Sobit   the head of department

2. Akbarhodzhaev Zainitdin associate professor

3. Annamuratov Sardor  assistant

4. Axunjanov Kozim  associate professor

5. Ergashev Mansur  senior teacher

6. Ismatullaev Patxulla   professor

7. Mamatqulov Muxamadsodiq, associate professor

8. Oymirov  Sunnat assistant

9. Qodirova Nodira assistant

10. Rajabov Alisherjon assistant

11. Raximov Dilshod  Professor

12. Samatov Azizjon  assistant

13. Sarimsakov Abdushkur Professor

14. Tulyaganova Barnoxon assistant

15. Kxakimov Ortagoli  Professor

16. Ismoilov Bobir senior teacher

17. Kamalov Umid senior teacher

18. Jo`rayeva Mukhriddin  assistant

19. Kambarbekova Ra’no assistant

20. Saidov Sunatilla senior teacher

21. Kxasanova Dilbar  associate professor

22. Khoshimov Bekzod assistant