Department of "Management and industrial economics"

Head of the chair

assistant professor

Abdurakhmonov A.K.

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5230200 - Management (Production of chemical and

food products)




Until 1968, the former Tashkent Polytechnic Institute had a department called "Economics of production and its organization", the teachers of which conducted lecture and practical classes in economic subjects at all faculties of the institute. On the basis of this department in 1968 in 6 directions, including the chemistry and technology department, the chair "Economics of the chemical industry and its organization" was established. Until 1975, this chair, under the code number 1711, trained economists in the direction "Economics of the chemical and food industry and its organization." The first graduates graduated from the university in 1971.

In the period from 1971 to 1975 there were 5 graduates. Altogether 140 engineers-economists were trained.

From 1975 to 1992, the chair conducted activities as a general education. During this period, classes were conducted in the subjects "Economics of the industry", "Organization, planning and production management" at the chemical-technological faculty and the oil and gas faculty of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute, as well as in the branches of Navoi and Angren.

In 1992 the chair was transformed into a specialized chair and under the number of 1711and began to prepare engineers-economists in the direction "Economics and management of the chemical industry".

In 1994, the department was renamed to the "Management of the Chemical and Food Industry". In 1997, there was the first graduation - 12 students successfully defended their graduate work. From 1997 to 1999, 37 economist engineers were awarded diplomas.

Since 1995, the chair has started to prepare bachelors in the direction 5340200 - "Management" (by industry) and masters in specialty 5A 340201 - "Management" (by industry) for enterprises of the chemical and food industry of the republic.

In 1999, the first graduate students were graduated and 16 graduates received a bachelor's degree, and in 2000 three graduates successfully defended their master's degrees.

From 1999 to 2016, 970 specialists were trained, including 823 bachelor's and 147 master's. At the moment they occupy leading positions or work as leading specialists in the enterprises of the chemical, food, oil and gas, construction industries of the republic.

The founder and the first head of the department was Tukhtakhodzhaev S.T. (1916 - 1971), the first teachers were Ph.D. Elisavetskiy B.A. ; Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, Honored Economist of the Republic Suns Z.I.; Assoc. Burshtein I.I.; candidate of technical sciences, associate professor, Normukhamedov N.N.; Ph.D., Assoc. N. Gabrielyan; Ph.D. Daichi R.I .; Ph.D., Assoc. Abdullaeva U.A.; Senior Lecturer Boboev I.R.

Currently, the chair is called "Management and Industrial Economics". The head of the chair is Ph.D., Assoc. Abdurakhmonov A.K. At the department conduct their pedagogical and scientific activities, Doctor of Economics, prof. Kosimov S., Candidate of Economic Sciences Sultonkhodzhaev O.A., Ph.D. Assoc. Khasanov R.S., candidate of technical sciences, Senior Lecturer Atabaev F., Senior Lecturer Avazkhodzhaeva D.M., Senior Lecturer Alieva Zh., Senior Lecturer  Mukhamedova Sh., Senior Lecturer  Kasimova F.T., Senior Lecturer Bozorov S.E. , Senior Lecturer Azimova H., Senior Lecturer Khaidarova K.O., Senior Lecturer Tillaeva B.R., assistants Tohirov A.T., Kasymova F.A., Muminova D.D., Kadirov U. and others. All teachers of the chair improve their qualifications in TSUE, and also TSTU.

The head of the department increased his qualification in the "Center for Corporate Governance" of the Higher Business School at the Academy of State Public Construction under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as on the basis of the TACIS program in Italy. The staff member of the chair visited the South Korean State University as a winner of the Republican Foundation "Istedod", and one more employee upgraded his qualifications as a prize-winner of the European Foundation Erasmus Mundus at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In addition, 4 employees of the department have upgraded their qualifications in the International Academy of UNETT under TSUE and became holders of 6 international certificates.

The chair has established friendly relations with sponsors. The students of the chair conduct their qualification and production practice at the enterprises "Uzkhimprom", "Uzneftegaz", "Uzdonmahsulot", "Uzpischemslozhtabortprom", "Uzvinpromholding". Employees of the department on the basis of the National Program work tirelessly to prepare comprehensively developed, patriotic, energetic, selfless professionals.




1. The teaching staff conducts scientific research to increase the effectiveness of management and marketing in the chemical and food industries; on the improvement of corporate governance in industrial enterprises; on the effective use of secondary resources of the chemical and food industries; on innovative management of chemical and food industries.

The department conducts research work financed from the state budget on the topic: "Effective use of secondary resources of the chemical and food industries."

2. Candidate and doctoral dissertations. Recently 4 post-graduate students of the chair successfully defended their candidate's works, received the degree of Candidate of Economic Sciences. Now one employee (associate professor Sultankhodjaev O.A.) and four candidates (senior teachers Kasymova F.T., Azimova H., Bazarov S.E.) are working on PhD works.

3. Work with talented students. A number of talented students of the chair are members of the circle "Young Manager", organized by the department. They are attached to scientific leaders who work with them on scientific topics in the laboratories of the department. Members of the section actively participate in scientific and technical conferences with their research work.

Four students of the department became holders of State Beruni scholarship, three Ulugbek State scholarship holders, 10 students are holders of Mehr Nuri Foundation scholarship, as well as more than 10 students were awarded scholarships of Uzvinpromholdholding and the name of well-known scientists of TCTI.




Teachers of the chair, except special subjects, conduct classes in all fields of the bachelor's degree in the subjects "Fundamentals of Management", "Tax and Taxation", as well as in the Master's program "Economics and Management of Higher Education".

In recent years, the chair has been prepared 6 teaching aids, more than 70 teaching aids and more than 200 scientific articles. Employees of the chair on the basis of the National Program took an active part in the creation of the State Standard and prepared a standard program for three subjects for technological directions of higher educational institutions of the Republic, and a standard curriculum for the direction and specialty "Management" (chemical and food industry) was prepared.




By bachelor:

  1. Management
  2. Marketing
  3. Micro-macro economics
  4. Money Turnover, Loans and Finances
  5. Labor Economics
  6. Personnel Management
  7. Organization of production of chemical and food industries
  8. Introduction to the specialty
  9. Theory of Economics
  10. Financing of innovative projects
  11. Economics and Enterprise Management
  12. Accounting
  13. Economic analysis
  14. Tax and taxation
  15. History of Economic Doctrine
  16. World Economy and International Relations of the Economics
  17. Small Business and the Basics of Entrepreneurship
  18. Statistics
  19. Innovative management
  20. Enterprise economy
  21. Foreign investments
  22. Insurance business
  23. Organizational behavior
  24. Strategic planning
  25. Management of the production of chemical and food industries




The chair established friendly relations with the leading enterprises of our country, and also has strong connections with the Russian Chemical Technology Institute named after Mendeleev D.I., the Tashkent branch of the Russian Economic Academy named after Plekhanov G.V. and the Institute of Microbiology.