The Chair of «Analytical, physical and colloid chemistry»


 The Chair of «Analytical, physical and colloid chemistry» was formed again according to the decision of the Soviet of Science of Tash.Ch.T.I. on 30th November, in 2010. The chair of «Physical and colloid chemistry» was as a part of chemico-technological faculty of the former Tashkent polytechnic institute till 1991, and chair «Analytical chemistry» existed independently since 1939. From 1939 to 2005 9 doctors of sciences and more than 40 candidates of sciences were trained at the chair of «Analytical chemistry»

The chair of «Analytical chemistry» was formed under the leadership of prof. V.Novikov in 1939. In 1944-1969s the honored scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan prof. A.L.Markman and in 1970-2005s the assistant prof-s. K.Z.Rahmatullaev, Sh.Yu.Azimov, the prof. N.P.Ismailov and prof. R.R.Ruziev headed the chair.

The chair of «Physical and colloid chemistry» was formed in 1945 and from 1945 to 1988 the academician H.R.Rustamov and in 1988-2005s prof. F.K. Kurbanov headed the chair.

In 1974 the chair of «Colloid chemistry» was formed under the leadership of academician K.S.Ahmedov on the basis of Tash.P.I. and in 1985-1992s prof. I.K.Sataev, in 1992-2001s prof. G.Rahmanberdiev and in 2001-2003s the assistant prof. B.H.Hasanov, 2003-2005s assistant prof. A.S.Sidikov, 2010-2013s assistant prof. Sh.P.Nurullaev headed the chair. 

During 1945-2005s more than 11 doctors of sciences and about 42 candidates of sciences have been trained at the chair of «Physical and colloid chemistry». The members (2 people) of the chair is appropriated an honorary title «the Honored man of science and technics of the republic of Uzbekistan» and the winner of the State award named Beruni. From 2013 the assistant prof. X.S.Talipova heads the chair of «Analytical, physical and colloid chemistry».


Scientific fields

1. The basic fields of research activity

The research works which carried out at the chair are directed to solve several technological problems such as chemical, oil, gas, paper and other branches of manufacture. The results of research works are tested and put into practice at G.P.F. in Mubarek , at Sh.G.P.F., Kungrad S.F. and at other enterprises. Within 20 years on the basis of results of research works have been published more than 300 scientific articles and received 5 patents by the members of the chair.

2. The works carried in cooperation with the organisations and the enterprises of corresponding branches of economy.

The research works under the leadership of prof. R.A.Nazirova on a theme: «Reception, research and investigation of concrete objects of practical application in a new ion-exchanging polymers on the basis of a waste of chemical manufactures and a secondary product of the hydrolytic industry of furfurola in the Republic », prof. N.P.Ismailov «the Estimation of transboundary pollution of water of the Central Asia (project Sirdarya)», assistant prof. S.P.Nurullaev «Studying of physical and chemical bases of application synthesised on the basis of local raw materials of new oxygen and nitrogen of containing connections as absorbent, the activator and an antidetonator», assistant prof. A.S.Sidikova “Physico-chemical and thermodynamic properties of cellulose and its solutions acetomixed ethers” is carried out at the chair.

3. Defending candidate and theses for a doctor's degree

The assistant to chair S.B.Buharov has finished the master's thesis on a theme: «Synthesis, research and application Imported foaming agents for flatation copper-molibden ores» also has successfully protected enrichments on specialised Scientific Soviet at institute "M.I.Ch" of A.S. of the

Senior lecturer A.S.Sidikov has finished the thesis for a doctor's degree on a theme «Physical and chemical and thermodynamic properties of solutions of cellulose and its water-soluble acetified aethers» and has prepared it for protection 2012.

The assistant to chair Z.S.Alihonova has finished the master's thesis on a theme: «The phase interrelations and properties of materials of magnesium alumoferrosilicate system» also has successfully protected enrichments on specialised Scientific Soviet at institute "M.I.Ch" of A.S. of the RUz.

The senior teacher M.I.Berdieva

4. Working with the skilled students

The special group is created for the students under the name "Academician H.Rustamov" and "Academician K.Ahmedov» which has members more than 30 students of 2-3 courses of the institute. They carry out research works in laboratories of chair under the guidance of supervisors of studies. The students take an active part in scientific and technical conferences where  they report the results of their works. The works of students are published in the collection of scientific works of the conference.


teaching-methodical works


Typical programs and teaching-methodical complexes in general educational subjects, such as «Analytical chemistry», "Physical chemistry" and «Colloid chemistry» for the students trained on formation directions - 5111000-professional formations, 5230200-Menegment, 5310900-metrology, standardization and management qualities of products (on branches), 5311000-automation and managements of technological processes and manufactures, 5320300-technological cars and the equipment, 5320400-chemical technology (on branches), 5320500-biotechnology, 5321000-food technology (on the type of products), 5321300-technology of oil refining and petrogas, 5630100-ecology and preservation of the environment have been prepared at the chair. For last years by teachers of chair had been prepared and published 7 textbooks, 6 manuals and more than 40 teaching-methodical works.


Trained subjects


Bachelor’s subjects:

1. Analytical chemistry;

2. Physic chemistry;

3. Colloid chemistry;


External scientific and practical relations of the department

Employees of the Department of Analytical, Physical and Colloid Chemistry conduct their research in close cooperation with many research institutes and higher educational institutions of the republic. Including the National University of Uzbekistan. M. Ulugbek, Tashkent State Technical University. IA Karimova, Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Polymers of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, St. Petersburg Institute of Macromolecular Compounds (Russia), Oregon State University (USA) and Russian Chemical Technology University of. D.I. Mendeleev.
Within the framework of the National Program for Personnel Training, a wide use of innovative teaching technologies was organized, based on the modern, scientific and methodological basis of continuing education. There is a wide introduction of a system of teaching methods that ensure the effectiveness of the learning process.

Scientific conferences, scientific seminars held at the department

The department conducts scientific seminars on the problems of teaching science in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year.

The list of members of the chair “Analytical, physical and colloid chemistry”


Name, surname



Talipova X.

Head of chair


Nurullaev Sh.

Professor (0,75)


Маvlonova М.

Assistant professor (0,5)


Raxmatova N.

Senior teacher


Alixanova Z.S.

Assistant professor


Каyumоv J.

Senior teacher


Bekmuratova M.

Senior teacher


Bоbоkulоvа О.

Senior teacher


Ismаilоvа N.

Assistant (0,5)


Zulyarova N.

Assistant (0,75)


Axmedov O.

Assistant (0,25)


Oserbaeva A.

Assistant (0,25)