Department of “Physics and electrical technique”

  Chief of the department: Prof. assistant. Arofat Isroilovna Khudayberdieva

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Days of Admission: Monday: 9:00/ 12:00.

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History of “Physics and electrical technique” Department

The “Physics” department first was organized in compound of Turkestan state university in 1920. Till 50th year of XX century the department was leaded by prof. N.I.Yaroslavtsev. Then, department was leaded by the following well known scientists:

1957-60 years - academician G.Yo.Umarov

1961-62 years – prof. assistant M.A.Azimov

1963-65 years – prof. A.A.Abdurazzokov

1966-74 years – prof. assistant Z.Sh.Sharipov

1974-90 years – prof. assistant D.M.Mirkomilov.

In 1991 by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was created Tashkent chemical-technology institute on the base of former Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.

The “Physics” department continued its activity within this Institute. Till 2001 the department was lead by prof. assistant M.D. Mirkomilov, then in 2001-2003 by prof. assistant A.A.Mukhamedov, in 2003-2010 years by prof. M.A .Kasimjanov, in 2010-2011by prof. A .Kholov, in 2011-2013 by prof. assistant A.Q. Qosimov, in 2013-2015 by senior lecturer Sh.N. Ernazarov. Today the department is lead by prof. A.I. Khudayberdieva.

In 2005 after combining with “Electrical technique” department, it was renamed to “Physics and electrical technique” department.

The following subjects as “Physics”, “ Electrical technique, electronics and electric wares” and “Electronics” are taught to bachelors within the “Physics and electrical technique” department.

The department has educational labs for mechanics and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, optics and atomic physics where students can learn the basic laws of physics in practice.

Manual handbooks, electronic class-books, virtual labs were implemented by teaching staff to educate students with modern pedagogical technologies.

Every subject in the department has its educational-methodic complex.

The “Physics and electrical technique” department cooperate with the following organizations:

- “Physical electronics” and “Optics and laser physics” departments (NU of Uzbekistan)

- “Ions plasma and laser physics” Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Uzbekistan.

- “Electrical technique” and “Physics” departments of Tashkent Rail Way Institute.

1. Scientific directions of the department

The teaching staff carries out scientific researches in the following areas:

1. "The interaction of laser radiation with substances." The study of light scattering in polymer solutions, the study of the mechanisms of the stabilization and defects in high-transparent optical materials under the influence of multiphoton absorption of laser radiation, the photosynthesis of higher plants (St.prep.Ernazarov Sh.N.).

2. Associate Professor A.I.Hudayberdieva conducts research on "The methodology and the structure of individual works on the subject of physics in academic lyceums and specialized secondary colleges"

3. Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, senior lecturer Mamatkulov M.N. carries out research on topic "Physical fundamentals of natural energy sources in our country and their practical use problem"

4. Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan together with senior lecturer A.A. Khaidarov in "Nuclear Physics" Institute conduct research on "Composition of substances analysis with the help of activation methods."

5. Assistant Kamalov HU conducts research on the topic "Development of physical bases of the formation of single crystals of impurity atoms with the given parameters in silicon under the influence of external factors"

6. Associate Professor Asatov U.T. conducts scientific research on topic "Determining the elemental composition of the soil on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan by nuclear physics methods."


The main purpose of scientific researches is to obtain new materials with desired properties and their application in microelectronics and nanotechnology processes.

A scientific - methodical seminar is created in the department, where can be discussed the results of scientific and methodical works of the department, master's theseses and research papers on modern problems of physics.

2. Defending candidate dissertation

Prof. assistant Khudayberdiyeva A.I., assistant A.Khaydarov, senior teachers Sh.N. Ernazarov, Khaydarov A.A., assistants Khamalov X.U., Sobirov E.E. of the Department are realizing scientific-research candidate dissertations.

Submission of doctoral theses

  1. following staff members carry out research on doctoral theses: Hudayberdiev A.I., senior lecturer Ernazarov S.N., senior lecturer A. Khaydarov, Assistant Kamalov H.U., Assistant Sobirov E.E .

3.Working with the talented students

All teachers in the department work with talented students, attracting them to make scientific-researching works and prepare them to competitions. The students take an active part at the scientific-technical conferences where report the results of their findings. Students’ works are being published in scientific journals.

Studying subjects

Bachelor’s subjects:

  1. General physics.
  2. Electrical engineering.

International relations

To execute the order of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, on the 27th July, 2017 on “Measures to increase economic profiles and branches to improve the quality of preparation of specialists of higher educational institutions” PO-3151, the decree of number 527 of the MHSSE on the 1st August, the decree of number 455 of rector the TChTI on the 14th of August, 2017 with the initiative of authority of the institute on the 4th February of the current there was organized a meeting between educational pro-rector of the institute T.T.Safarov, head of international branch Z.Babakhanova, head of “Physics and electronics department” A.I.Khudoyberdieva, Usarov.R.R , several professoe teachers and the professor Rose Hallman Technology Institute (USA) R.Letfullin.

He came by invitation of the USA embassy in Uzbekistan to cooperate, exchange the skills with the several functioning HEI in our country.

Following the discussion prof. Renat R. Letfullin got to know educational process of the department and talked with the students.

Familiarizing with financial technical basis of the department he proposed to cooperate in scientific methodic sphere.

Nowadays he is ready to give lectures to students and professor-teachers on nanomedicine branch and expressing the will to help in scientific works. For moment prepared double sided contracts.

“Physics and electrical technique” department‘s staff



Surname, Name



Khudayberdiyeva A.I.

Chief of the department, Prof. assistant


Ergashev A.I.

Prof. assistant


Muminova Z.A.

Prof. assistant (0,75 rate)


Asatov U.T.

Prof. assistant


Mamatkulov M.N.

Senior teacher


Ernazarov Sh.N.

Senior teacher


Achilova M.M.

Senior teacher (0,5 rate)


Khaydarov A.A.

Senior teacher (0,75 rate)


Usarov R.R.

Senior teacher


Tulametov M.A.

Senior teacher


Sobirov E.E.



Berditskiy I.M.

Prof. Assistant (0,25 rate)


Badalova G.T.

Assistant (0,25 rate)


Bozorov I.T.

Assistant (0,25 rate)


Izzatillaev J.O.

Senior teacher (0.5 rate)


Eshkuvatov H.E

Assistant (0,25 rate)


Chief of the department prof.assistant A.I.Khudayberdieva