Department of “Physics and electrical technique”

HISTORY OF THE DEPARTMENT "Physics and Electrical Engineering"

Department of "Physics and Electrical Engineering" is a general education department and the department conducts lectures, practical and laboratory classes in the subjects of "Physics" and "Electrical Engineering and Fundamentals of Electronics"


The Department of Physics was firstly organized as part of the Turkestan State University in 1920. Until the fifties of the XX century, the department was headed by Professor N.I. Yaroslavtsev. Then, the department was headed by the following prominent scientists:

1957-60s - Academician G.Yo. Umarov,

1961-62 - Associate Professor M.A. Asimov,

1963-65 - Professor A.A. Abdurazzokov,

1966-74 - Associate Professor Z.Sh. Sharipov,

1974-90s - Associate Professor D.M. Mirkomilov.

In 1991, by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Tashkent Institute of Chemical Technology was established on the basis of the former Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.

The Department of Physics continued its activities as part of this institute.

Until 2001, the department was headed by Associate Professor M.D. Mirkamilov.

Then, in 2001 - 2003, Associate Professor A.A. Mukhamedov,

in 2003 - 2010 Professor M.A. Kasimdzhanov,

in 2010-2011 associate professor A.Kholov, 2011-2013 associate professor A.K.Kasimov,

2013-2015 senior lecturer Sh.N.Ernazarov.

From 2015 to the present day, the department is headed by Associate Professor A.I. Khudayberdiyeva.

  • In 2005, in connection with the accession of the Department of "Electrical Engineering", the department was renamed the Department of "Physics and Electrical Engineering".
  • In the department of "Physics and Electrical Engineering" for undergraduate students, classes are held in the subjects of physics, electrical engineering and electronics.


At the Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering for undergraduate students, the following subjects of physics, electrical engineering, theoretical electronics are approved, which are read by the teaching staff.

At the department, the sections of mechanics and molecular physics, electricity and magnetism, optics and atomic physics are held in laboratory classrooms, students are taught the basics of physics, electrical engineering and the basics of electronics.                                          



Bachelor’s subjects:

    • Physics
    • Electrical engineering and basics of electronics
    • Applied electronics

         Teachers of the department - on readable subjects produce textbooks, electronic guidelines, and also using modern pedagogical technologies work in virtual laboratories.

Also, in a given subjects at the department, educational and methodological complexes have been developed, as well as these educational materials have been uploaded to the electronic resource of the institute.


Scientific directions of the department

The faculty of the department conducts research work in the following areas:

1. Khudaiberdieva A.I. - Participates in research work on the topic "Theory, methods and practice of organizing independent work of students of higher and secondary specialized education in physics." Develops methodological foundations, forms, methods and techniques for organizing independent work of students in physics at the stage of secondary specialized education. In addition, together with professors and teachers of the National University of Uzbekistan, research is being carried out to develop teaching aids and methods for monitoring the independent activities of students.

2. Mukhamedov A.A., Ernazarov Sh.N. - “Diagnosis of the physiological state of plants by laser fluorescence”. The processes of photosynthesis in green plants are studied remotely using laser radiation, including various physiological states and plant biomass. At the same time, as a result of mathematical processing of the experimental results, i.e., the use of discriminant functions and Fisher criteria, an algorithm for zoning (classes) of secondary fluorescent radiation from different plants was developed.

3. Mamatkulov M.N. - Research work on the topic "Issues of alternative energy". Possibilities and mechanisms of efficient use of renewable energy sources are being studied. In particular: The theoretical foundations and practical possibilities of energy storage in the mode of negative energy consumption of cars are studied: The practical problems of increasing energy efficiency by calculating heat exchange processes in gas installations are studied.

4. Eshkuvatov Kh.E. Asatov O.T. - "Revolts of the ionosphere and magnetosphere caused by the Earth, atmosphere and astrophysics". The ionosphere is very sensitive to external influences, and changes in terrestrial and solar activity, solar flares, and solar eclipses are reflected in the ionosphere. Based on the data of 4 GPS stations in Uzbekistan, TEC was calculated in the ionosphere, i.e. concentration of electrons per unit area. Two stations VLF and Super SID, proposed by Stanford University, operate in Uzbekistan and monitor changes in the ionosphere over Uzbekistan. In addition, 4 GPS stations installed by the GFZ in Postdam, Germany are regularly in operation.


Doctoral dissertation defense

      Khudayberdieva A.I., one of the professors and teachers of the department is an independent researcher, as well as an associate professor of the department. Conducts doctoral research (DSc). It is worth noting that the rest of the teachers of the department are also scientific researchers, such as Ernazarov Sh.N., senior lecturer Usarov R.R. ass.Eshkuvatov H.E. as an independent researcher (PhD).


The department constantly conducts a scientific and methodological seminar. The seminar discusses the results of scientific and methodological work carried out by professors and teachers of the department, as well as reports on topical issues of physics. 

Working with talented students

All teachers of the department work with gifted students, conduct scientific research with them and prepare them for scientific Olympiads. Students participate in scientific and technical conferences with the results of their research. Student scientific papers are published.



The Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering has established scientific and practical relations with the following institutions:

  • Department of Physical Electronics and Photonics, Faculty of Physics, National University of Uzbekistan.
  • Namangan Civil Engineering Institute.
  • Institute of Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Research Institute of Ion-Plasma and Laser Technologies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. 
  • Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation (Memorandum).


Scientific and practical internships


Scientific and practical conferences, as well as master classes for students

Department "Physics and Electrical Engineering"

faculty and technical staff


Head of the Department: Khudayberdiyeva Arofat Israilovna

Ph.D. (candidate of pedagogical sciences)

Tel: (71) 244-39-71; (99) 910-41-51

Reception days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: from 9:00 to 12:00




Full name


  1. Core staff


Khudayberdieva A.I.

Head of department PhD, Associate Professor


Mukhamedov A.A.

Prof. a.c.f.m.s.


Muminova Z.A.

Associate Professor Ph.D.


Asatov U.T.

Associate Professor Ph.D.


Mamatkulov M.N.

Associate Professor Ph.D.


Ulugmurodov N.Kh.

Associate Professor Ph.D.


Ernazarov Sh.N.

Senior Lecturer


Tulametov M.A.

Senior Lecturer


Bozorov I.T.

Senior Lecturer


Kayumova M.R.



Badalova G.T.



Karimova S.T.



Ulasheva Z.A.


2. Part-time


Alaev A.A.

Associate Professor Ph.D. (0.25 stake)


Baltabaev A.F.

Associate Professor Ph.D. (0.5 stake)


Razmukhamedov D.J.

Senior Lecturer(0.5 rate)

3.Technical staff


Rasulova G.T.

Head of laboratory


Irmukhamedova Sh.M.

laboratory assistant


Vohidov K.Kh.

laboratory assistant