Department «Higher Mathematics»

    The chair "Higher Mathematics" of the Tashkent Chemical Technology Institute was established by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan UP-203 dated May 6, 1991. Famous mathematicians became the head of the department. In 1991-1992 Professor Sh.Narimov, 1992-1993, Associate Professor N.Rahimova, 1993-1995, Associate Professor Zh.Ibodov, 1995-1996, Associate Professor S.Abdunazarov, 1996-2001, Associate Professor U.Rahmonov, 2001-2002, Associate Professor O. Matchonov, 2002-2004 Associate Professor D. Rakhimov, 2004-2007 Assistant Professor R.Maksudov, 2007-2011 Professor N.Sh. Narimov was in charge of the department. 2011-2017 Associate Professor I. Iskanadzhiev and 2017 June month to the present time is managed by Professor Safarov Ismoil Ibrokhimovich. At the present time 1 doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, 5 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences and 5 assistants work at the department. Professor teaching staff of the department teaches on the subject of "Higher Mathematics", "Mathematics for Economists" and "Economic Mathematics." They conduct lecture and practical classes.


Safarov Ismoil Ibrokhimovich was born on August 10, 1954.                  

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences professor, Uzbek.








1. The department carries out the following directions of scientific research:

- Theories of optimal control and differential games. Head of the senior lecturer I. Iskandzhiev;

- linear and nonlinear fundamental problems of mathematical modeling of physical and mechanical processes. . Head of prof. I.I. Safarov;

- problems of teaching subjects of "higher mathematics" in technical universities. The head is Associate Professor M. Sanginov.

2. The fundamental grant "Development of the theory and development of a technique for investigating the nonlinear dynamic stress-strain state of curvilinear sections of multilayer composite pipelines with a flowing viscous liquid under the influence of thermal and dynamic loads" is being carried out at the department. The type of competition is a fundamental study. Program name PFI-4 Mathematics, Mechanics and Informatics. Area of ​​knowledge: theoretical studies of the problems of mechanics of a deformed solid.

3. The senior teacher of the department N.Toshtemirov is engaged in scientific work on solving the problem of a complex problem of equations of mathematical physics-the numerical solution of the Navier-Stokes equation. And the assistants A.Ruzimov and N.Eliboev deal with the problem of "Discrete differential games". Themes of the thesis A.Ruzimov, N.Eliboev and N.Toshtemirova were approved by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Associate professors of the department I. Iskanadzhiev and M. Sanginov completed their doctoral dissertations. 2017-2018 years of approbation.

4. Work with successful students. The department created all the conditions for working with a successful student. At the department there is a constantly operating circle "Al-Khorazmiy". All teachers who have an academic degree lecture on their subject. The results of joint work are published in the proceedings of the conference and seminars.


Prof. Safarov II lectures in seminars "Al-Khorazmiy".









More than 10 monographs have been published at the department. Some of them are shown in the following figures.


Foreign journals published more than 30 scientific articles in English. Some of them are shown below.

1. Ducting in Extended Plates of Variable Thickness. Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: F Mathematics & Decision Sciences Volume 16 Issue 2 (Ver.1.0). P.33-66 (2016). Scopus :ISSN-0975-5896(Impact Factor 2.6 , USA)

 2. DUCTING IN EXTENDED PLATES OF VARIABLE THICKNES. Sciences of Europe (Praha, Czech Republic). Vol 2, No 1 (1) (2016).Р.21-39.

3.Coommon natural in dissipative inhomogl eovs plane  Bodies/Discove 2016,52,(251) 2108-2126. .( Impact Factor 1.7)

4. Vibrations  dissipative plate mechanical systems with point//The  International Ouarterlu journal/Science &Technology ,2016,2(8).Р.437-450.ISSN 2394-3750 . EISSN 2394-3769.( Impact Factor 1.7)

5. Ford hormonal vibrations in a visocoelastic layered bodies lying  deformable nalf – plane// International Journal of Applied Research,2016; 2(12) . 138-147.

 6Safarov I.I., Teshaev M.Kh., Boltaev Z.I., Axmedov M.Sh. About distribution of own waves in the dissipative layered cylindrical bodies interacting with Wednesday//Discove 2017,53,(253) 16-29 .

7.   Distribution Natural Waves in an Infinite Viscoelastic  Cylinder Wedges // Global Journal of Science Frontier Research: F Mathematics & Decision Sciences Volume 16 Issue 6 (Ver.1.0). P.79-97 (2016). Scopus :ISSN-0975-5896

8. About distribution of own waves in the dissipative layered cylindrical bodies interacting with Wednesday. Discover 2017,53,(253).  Р.16-29

9.   Voltage Deformable State Parallel Arrangement of Cylindrical Pipe with a Liquid under Harmonic Loads. Case Studies Journal ISSN (2305-509X)-Volume 6, Issue-1-Jan-2017 (Impact Factor 3.582). P.  36-47

10. Distribution Natural Waves on the  Viscoelastic  Cylindrical  Body in Plane Strain State. Case Studies Journal ISSN (2305-509X)-Volume 6, Issue-1-Jan-2017 . P. 1-8(Impact Factor 3.582)

11. Distribution Natural Waves on the  Viscoelastic  Cylindrical  Body in Plane Strain State. Case Studies Journal ISSN (2305-509X)-Volume 6, Issue-1-Jan-2017 (Impact Factor 3.582).

Professor Safarov II is a member of the editorial board of the magazine JMESS, which is published in the United States. The certificate is shown in the figure




At the department with studies, the degree is 65%.

                 Scientific and methodical work.

The chair is attached two subjects, "Higher Mathematics" and "Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics". In these subjects, the department has developed a curriculum and a working curriculum, as well as a CMD. 2016-2017 academic years developed by the UMK on the basis of foreign literati. On the basis of the analysis of foreign writers, a training manual has been developed, which has been submitted to the higher authorities for review. The department has developed 2 textbooks and 3 teaching aids.

Learning subjects:

At the undergraduate level the following subjects are read:

1. Higher mathematics; 2. Theories of credibility and mathematical statistics.

The following subjects are read at the magistracy:

  1. Application of mathematical methods in scientific research.           


    The department has connections with the following institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Mechanics and SS of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The department also has scientific links National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Technical University named after IA. Karimova, Bukhiti, Moscow Aviation Institute, Lomonosov Moscow State University, State University (New York) Buffalo and Corneli University.

                  For consideration in the FT agency an international grant "Uzbekistan-Russia" was submitted. MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTER MODELING OF DYNAMICS OF ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VIBRATION PROTECTION SYSTEMS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE METHOD OF EVALUATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THEIR APPLICATION IN NONLINEAR MECHANICAL SYSTEMS. Scheduled for the implementation of 2018 - 2019 with the Moscow Aviation Institute.


             The composition of the department "Higher Mathematics"


F.I. and D.



1. Safarov I.I.

head. Department.


2 Iskanadzhiev I

Associate Professor


3 Sanginov M.

 Associate Professor


4 Khaidarov Sh.

 Associate Professor


5 Matchonov O.

 Associate Professor


6 Kuldashov N.U.

Art. Teacher (0.75)


7 Toshtemirova N.

Art. Teacher (0.75)


8 Eliboev N.



9 Rizimov A.



10 Rajabov A.



11 Begaliev A.

Assistant (0.5)

Head of the department                                                                  prof. Safarov II