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History of “Management and Professional Education” faculty

In 2001 under the decision of Scientific Council of Tashkent Chemical- Technological Institute was founded “Management and Industrial Ecology” faculty. To the staff of the faculty were introduced  the chairs “Economy of food industry and management”, ‘Industrial economy”, “Foreign languages”, “Physics” and “Mathematics”.

In 2002 to the staff of  “Management and Industrial Ecology” was introduced the chair “Information” instead of the chair “Industrial ecology”, afterwards the faculty was renamed to the faculty “Management and Informational technology”.

In the purposes of provision the enterprise chemical, oil-gas, and also food industries with highly-qualified managers and marketologists, by the decision of Scientific Council in April 2004 on the basis of “Economy and management of food industry”  were founded chairs “Industrial management” and “Industrial marketing”.

Due to the introduction to the staff of faculty ‘Professional Education”  by the decision of Scientific Council of Tashkent Chemical-technological institute from February 20,2004 and according to the decree №131 from May 15, 2004                            the faculty was renamed  to the faculty  ‘‘Management and Professional Education”.

Deans,  led the faculty:

2001-2002y.prof.Artiqov A.D.

2002-2004y.doc.Karabayev D.T.

2004-2007y.doc.Khusainov R.R.

2007-2009y.prof.Emonov A.M.

2009-2011y.prof.Ibodullayev A.S.

2011-2013y.doc.Abdurakhmanov A.K.

On January 4, 2013 as the dean of the faculty  “Management and professional Education ’’ was appointed doctor of chemical sciences, prof.Khamraqulov G.Kh.

The dean assistant on educational and scientific affairs Kadirov U.R., dean assistant on spiritual- moral and educational affairs Rasulov R., representative of curators committee Akhmedova A., representative of faculty women committee Imomaliyeva M.A., representative of trade-union  of the faculty Djumaniyazova M.R. are carrying activities at the faculty.

In the staff of the faculty there are 5 chairs: Management of quality production(MQP), Management and economy of industry(MEI), Professional Education (PE), chair “Tillar ’’(Languages)’, and ‘Higher Mathematics” and 1 cycle ‘‘Foreign languages’’ also. Between them 3 chairs (MQP, MEI,PT) are specialized chairs.

At the chairs of the faculty in 81 staff units are carrying activities  professors and teachers and in 8 staff units  technical personnel, including 9 doctor-professors, 23 candidates of science- docents, 65 senior teachers and assistants.

In accordance with the Presidential decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan PD-1533 from May 20 2011y ”On strengthening measures the financial  technical base of higher educational institutions and cardinal improvement of quality training of highly qualified specialists”,  Decree of  Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №12 from 12.01.1999y  “On strengthening measures  of administrative discipline”, and also on the basis of Decree  Ministers  Decree  №308 from 2011 “On renovation state Educational standarts of directions and specialities of higher education” in the established order new state educational standarts on relating directions specialists were developed and confirmed (Table 1). Due to the given  standarts corresponding  documents were developed and implemented to the educational process.

Table 1.





Institute K.i.ch.i.


Management of Quality Production

5310900 –Metrology, standartization and management of quality production             ( on chemical and food directions)

  • 5А310901 – “Safety production and their sertification” (on chemical and food specialization);

-5А310902 – “Metrology, standartization and management quality                   (on chemical and food specialization);

- 5А310903 – “Management of Quality production” (on chemical and food specialization )


-02.00.09-Speciality onClassification and certification of goods on the basis of chemical staff”;

-05.02.04- Speciality onStandartization and management of quality production”.


Management and economy of industry

5230200 –Management (chemical and food direction)

5A230201 – Management (on chemical and food branches)



Proffessional Training

5111000 –DirectionProfessional Education ” (chemical branch)

5A111001 – Direction Professional Education” (food technology)



In 2013 at the chair “Management of quality production  was opened research institute of senior scientific coworkers on direction 02.00.09. – “Classification and certification of goals on the basis of chemical staff’ .

            With the purposes of activization the work with gifted youth at the faculty ‘‘Management and Professional Education” were organized circles “Young manager’’ (chair IPE), “Management of quality production (MQP), “Young pedagogue”(chair PT), “Young mathematician’’ (chair “Higher Mathematics’’), “German”, “English”, ‘Russian”  chair “Tillar”(“Languages”) and cycle ‘‘Foreign languages”, and also circles of English and Russian languages in the hostel. At the beginning of the academic year the plans of circles and programs of helding lessons were worked out, to their held were involved the leading teachers of chairs.

Table 2.

Participation of gifted students of MPEF in the competetions, held in the scale of the institute and between Higher Educational Estabishments of Uzbekistan.

N.S.P. of the student


Participation and prizal places


Elmuradova Dilrabo

M3-13 MQP

Owner of Presidential Schlolarship in 2012

Owner 1st- place at scientific-technical conference                  Umidli kimyogarlar -2015”.


Radjabov Alisher

43-10 MQP

Owner  of  Schlolarship named  Beruniy- 2013


Qiyomov Yusuf

45-11 MQP

Owner  of  Schlolarship named  Beruniy - 2014


Komiljonova Zulfizar

44-13 MQP

Owner  of  Schlolarship named  Beruniy -2016


Samadov Shakhzod

45-13 MQP

Winner of the competition    “Kamolot scholarship”-2016, held by CK SYM “КаmolotUzbekistan


Khakimov Sardor

43-13 MT

Winner of the competition  “Kamolot scholarship”-2016, held by CK SYM “КаmolotUzbekistan


Daminkhonova Zaynab Sunnat`s daughter

47-13 MQP

Owner  of the 1st place on bachelor competition            The best student of the year  -2015” ТChTI

Owner of the 1st - place  at scientific technical conferenceUmidli kimyogarlar -2016”.

Owner  of  Schlolarship named  Beruniy- 2016.


Khusanov Sardor

47-13 MQP

Owner  of the 2nd -placePublic direction of regional stage in the competition of scientific reports among students in 2016 under the motto                                        “Ertangi kun bizniki, marra bizniki”


Gulyamov Shukhrat

47-13 MQP

Owner of the 2nd -placeDirections of service of regional stage in the competition of scientific reports among students in 2016 under the motto  “Ertangi kun bizniki, marra bizniki”


Shuvalov Nikita

47-14 MQP

Owner  of the 2nd -place  at the Republican subjective olympiade on Uzbek language 2015 


Sattarova Mahliyo

46-15 PТ

Owner of the regional stage competition  “The best agitator of the literary novel” 2017y.


Professor- teaching staff of the faculty in the conditions of new social-political relations, on the basis of international standarts requirements: take an active participation in teaching and education of multilaterally developed, highly qualified specialists on management quality, metrology standartization and management of quality production, professional training, managers production, specialists on technology production of fuel and organic compounds, chemistry and chemical technology, technology of silicate materials, technology of rare and precious materials, preservation of environment, biotechnology and technologists of food industry.