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History of the department

The department of «Professional education» was established in 1999. From the first days of establishment the main task of the department was the preparation of young and qualified  specialists who meets  the modern requirements of real life. By 5140900   «Professional education» ( chemical and food technology) is to prepare specialists for the colleges specialists in chemical and nutritive technologies. During 1999-2001 years the head of the department was associate professor. U Maksudov. One of the first representatives of the department were associate professor . R.Khabibullayev, J. Saliyev, Sh.Mirzaliyeva,  S.Mirzakaxmedova. In 2003 the first graduating students got the bachelor degree by 5140900  field «Professional education»  ( chemical and food technology) . From 2001 till 2003 the department was managed by prof. H.H.Tillashev.

In 2003-304 “Methods of teaching professional disciplines” on the specialty of masters degree was established.

Among the first masters who defended their dissertation and got masters degree there were M.R. Mukhitbekov, H.Atakhajaev, S.Ravshanov. 

In 2005 doc. R.Babayarov was appointed as the head of the department . From March 2007 till August 2011 the department was headed by doc. J. Alimjanova.

Since March 20, 2017 the chair is headed by the candidate of pedagogical scinces, docent G.Sh.Aripova.

In the last few years assistant M. Aripova (2009) and assistant G.Sh.Aripova (2011) successfully defended their candidate dissertations.

The main perspective tasks of the department are raising the quality of educational process, improvement of methodical securing of subjects, mutually advantageous agreement with colleges in the way of scientific-methodical works, in order to effectively organize the educational process, cooperation has been established with the Russian Chemestry and Tehnology University named after Mendeleev, to upgrade the qualifications of professors and teachers, to study in the magistracy, and to cooperate in several target areas between higher education institutions, development of scientific research works in the sphere of education and upbringing and to raise instructive works to the high degree.


Scientific direction


  1. «Comprehensive development of the students by means of professional discipline in the system of continuous education». This scientific – pedagogical research in comprehensive development of students is held in teaching subjects as a pedagogical skill «Professional pedagogy» , «Psychology» , «New pedagogical technologies».
  2. «Bases of formation of chemical-technological way of thought of the students.»

On the base of fulfilled research works Perfected programs of methods methodical text-books, interactive methods and pedagogical technologies, multimedia computer programs of subjects are being composed and recommendations for the use during the teaching process for raising quality in preparing highly skilled specialists in high institutions are being working out.

  1. «Defense of candidate dissertations».

In 2009 M.L. Aripova and in 2011 G.Sh. Aripova defended their candidate dissertation.



Educational and methodical works


3 candidates of science, 2 senior teachers and 4 assistants teachers has been involved to the education process of the department. 103 bachelors are taught at the chair.

In 2015,2016,2017  State Standards of Education on training bachelors in the direction of 5111000 «Professional Education» ( chemical and food technology) are worked out in the department.

At the department the lectures on subjects in the direction of 10 bachelors and 3 master’s specialties are held.

Educational and methodical complexes are on all subjects worked out by the teachers of the department and they are given to the IRC of the Institute. On the basic of special disciplines recently are prepared more than 5 notes of lectures, 7 educational and methodical recommendation, 5 educational programmers on bachelors and masters, and more than 5 scientific and methodical articles are also published.


                                   SCIENCES OF BACHELOR DEGREE:

  1. Psychology
  2. Psychology and pedagogy of professional work
  3. Psychological development of personality
  4. Professional pedagogy
  5. Electron-educational technologies
  6. Education technology
  7. Basis  of  Politehnical Education
  8. The method of  professional education
  9. The formation of chemical and technological thinking of  the  learners.
  10. Basis module Education


SCIENCES of Masters degree


  1. The methodology of scientific research
  2. Pedagogical technology and pedagogical mastership.
  3. The Methodic  of teaching special discipline

External scientific and practical relations of the department

Partnerships with the chair of Pedagogy of higher Educations of International Academy of Pedagogical Education of Moscow State Pedagogical University;  with the department of Professional Education Of Tashkent State Pedagogical University; with the department of Professional Pedagogy of Tashkent Architectural and Building Institute; with the department of State Educational Standards and with the department in training to the publishment of educational literatures at the Central Development of Higher and Secondary- Specialized Professional Education are established.

Structure of department of «Professional education»


Surname, name, patronymic



Aripova G.Sh.

Head of department, docent (1,0)


Kangliev SH. T 

Docent (1,0)


Zokirova Sh.

Senior teacher (1,0)


Manazarov B.

Senior teacher(1,0)


Akhmedova A.

Assistant (1,0)


Mirхodjayeva D

Assistant( 1,0


Ikromova K.A.

Assistant( 0,75)


Xodjaeyva N.

Assistant( 0,5)


Habibullayev R

Docent( 0,25)