Center for the spiritual and educational work

Taking into account the importance of the spiritual – education in the preparation of well-rounded professionals, TCTI carried out activities in the following areas:
• Improved ways of effective use of national, human, religious heritage of the problems that have arisen in the course of human activity, its development and moral education.
• Improvement of the process control system of educational, spiritual and educational work effectively respond to the spiritual and moral needs of young people, the development in this area of ​​practice and guidelines.
• The organization of leisure of students, sports services, strengthening of institutions of cultural activities, helping those in need of social protection of students, strengthening direct connection with makhallyas and various community organizations.
• Conduct various competitions, festivals, contests and competitions among students, organization of art, amateur circles, creative exhibitions, excursions, their help in shaping young people’s conscious attitude to the occupation.
• Increase the musical culture of the students.
Systematic familiarize them with the pearls of world and folk music. Organization of presentations on spiritual and educational and educational topics on radio, television and in the press. Strengthening advocacy on national issues of spirituality and morality.


The Order of the center “Ma’naviyat va  ma’rifat” of Tashkent Chemical Technological Institute:


The centre is created to engage in various activities aimed at:

– guidance in spiritual and educational affairs, held at the Institute;
– harmonization directives as defined in the regulations pertaining to this field;
-promotion of excellence in the field of spirituality public organizations and departments;
– preparation and publication of the necessary scientific and methodological recommendations, literature;
-nurturing spirituality and expand the horizons of students.


General rules:

The center is created on the basis of the order of the rector of the Institute.
The working part of the center are professors of faculties and staff, leading experts in the field.
The Center conducts its activities under the supervision of the first vice-rector for spirituality and enlightenment.
The Center conducts its activities on the basis of the statute of the Centre for spirituality and enlightenment at the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.


The tasks of the center:

Conducting spiritual and educational activities based on national traditions and values.
Help to improve the work carried out to the spiritual and physical education students.
The definition of priority directions of spiritual – education and education work at the university, the development of the necessary regulations and guidelines.
Participation in improving the spiritual – education in collaboration with the city and district departments of the National Center “Ma’naviyat and Ma’rifat” as well as foundations and non-governmental organizations, leading its activities in the country.

The rights of the center:

Center controls the spiritual – educational work in the departments.
Checks the performance of the faculties of orders and instructions of the Ministry regarding the spiritual – education.
Directly involved in the meetings where the elect or dismiss the deputy dean of spirituality and enlightenment, and makes suggestions.
Provides guidance and recommendations to  deans of faculties and heads of departments.
Monitors and evaluates the performance of the full professors and teachers of the item relating to spirituality and enlightenment, in the annual teaching load.
At the end of each semester, deputy deans of faculties of spirituality and enlightenment give the director of the center report on the performed work.
Makes recommendations for the material and spiritual promotion active members of faculties, departments and faculties which  made a good initiative to improve spiritually – education.